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Overview for the Toast+Sling integration
Overview for the Toast+Sling integration

Review the settings you'll need to adjust once you create your new Sling account & how to correctly use Sling for scheduling your employees

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Article last updated February 7, 2024

The Toast+Sling integration allows your scheduling account and Toastweb account to communicate with each other. Upon creating and syncing your Sling account with Toast, your employee data will be imported. But it's important to take the time to adjust your account's settings so that your staff have the right level of access to Sling, and so the account is functioning the way you prefer. This article will walk you through the different Settings that you'll need to review to ensure that Sling is running the way you want it to!

Use these shortcuts if you know which topic you need to jump to:

Settings tabs

To access the full range of settings for your Sling account, you'll need to log in from the web browser version of Sling on a desktop, laptop, or tablet (note that the web version of Sling will not load correctly on a mobile device).

From your Dashboard screen, you can select the Settings button highlighted below, or you can click your name in the upper right to select Settings from that menu instead.

Preferences & Notifications

The first two tabs of the settings options are only for your access to Sling. Each user has access to their own Preferences and Notifications settings, so that they can control aspects of their own interaction with the account. In other words, adjusting the Notifications settings as an admin has no bearing on other users who are joined to the account. It's a good idea to review the settings options for these two tabs according to your own needs.

The remaining settings tabs will affect all users on the account. As an admin, you have access to control the settings that are global. Managers are able to see these settings (except the Integrations tab), but do not have access to change any of them. Employees will not see the settings options that affect the entire account and only have access to their own Preferences and Notifications settings.

Company settings

This page's settings allow you to adjust the way that certain features operate. For example, if you don't want employees to be able to communicate with coworkers who are assigned to a different location, then you would adjust the setting for that on this page. The Company settings page has 2 options for general account Restrictions, and then the settings for Messages, Newsfeed, and Tasks. You can jump to any of those sections using the menu along the left side, shown below:

Schedule settings

Next, you'll be able to adjust how your users see the schedule, what day is the first day of the week in the schedule for your company, your operating hours, and rules for breaks.

So if you need to restrict employees assigned to one location from seeing shifts for another location, then this is the page where you would adjust that.

The Schedule settings page is also where you determine how shift exchanges and unavailability operate for your company within Sling.

Time clock settings

Time Clock settings dictate rules for the time clock function. Changes to Sling's time clock settings will not change the time clock settings on your Toast account. Time clock punches on Sling will sync over to your Toast account. With the mobile and web time clock enabled, employees can clock in from their Sling mobile app. If you're concerned about employees clocking in before they're on-site, you can enable geofencing.

Labor cost settings

Under the Labor cost tab, you'll find the settings for the currency you'd like to apply to your account as well as the rules for overtime and labor %. This is also the page where you can set up your pay period, which will allow you to look at Reports according to that date range.

Time off settings

This page is where you can set up rules for how employees can submit time off requests in Sling. This is also where you'll establish the various PTO categories (applicable if using Scheduling Pro) for employees to choose from when they request time off.


Lastly, the Integrations tab is where you'll be able to see if Sling and Toast are syncing, if the integration is enabled, or if it is queued. A label will appear next to the Toast heading that indicates the status of the integration. Only admin have access to see this Integrations tab.

You can use the option dots on this page to disconnect your integration if you need to, or to force a manual sync outside of the 15-minute auto-sync window. Note that you can only force a manual sync once every fifteen minutes.

System roles

In Toast, you assign each of your employees to a location and job code, and this is what determines what job they do for the day as well as their compensation. However, the system roles that Sling provides are separate from these, and must be adjusted in Sling independently of the integration.

System roles determine the level of access that someone has to your Sling account. If you created the Sling account that your company is using, then you are automatically set as an admin for the account, and have authorization to appoint other admins as well. You can also assign managers, whose access is a bit more limited. Read on for more details about each of these system roles!


Admins have the highest level of access. This is usually the creator of the account, but additional admins can be designated for the company. This role can create shifts and manage employees for all locations. They are also the only role that can make changes to company settings such as hours of operation, restrictions for employees, and the ability to allow shift exchanges. In addition, admins are the only role given access to Labor Cost functions and settings by default, which controls settings such as overtime rules and wages.


Managers can create shifts and approve shift exchanges and time off (as well as enter time off for employees or themselves directly to the shift calendar) only for the locations assigned in their own profiles. However, they are able to edit all employee profiles (so that they are able to add employees to their location) and view schedules for all locations. Premium and Business subscribers can restrict Managers from viewing schedules for other locations. Managers can also be given access to Labor Cost functions by an admin.


Employees have the most basic access. They are able to view and print their own schedule and available shifts, and communicate with other employees via messages (if enabled). Company settings (controlled by the admin) dictate how much or little of the schedule is visible, whether they can initiate shift exchanges, whether they can request time off, whether they can access messaging, and whether they can edit their unavailability. They can not create or edit shifts or edit positions or locations for their profile.

To adjust a user's system role in Sling, simply click on their name anywhere in the web account, select the Work tab of their profile, and on that page, you can adjust the system role assigned to them.

Note that managers will not be able to make changes to admin profiles. Essentially, users may not alter the details of a system role that is higher than their own role. Only admins can delete or deactivate other admins on an account, for example. We also recommend assigning at least two admin to an account, in case Sling account ownership should need to be transferred to someone else in the future.

Employee data

When you connect your Sling and Toastweb account, Sling will automatically import any active employee. To protect the functionality of the integration, it is not possible to delete any profile that resulted from an import. However, you do have the option to deactivate employees so that they no longer have access to log in. For more details about deactivating or reactivating employees, please refer to this article. It's important to understand that when you remove or archive an employee in your Toast account, this does not occur in Sling as well. Employees must be manually deactivated in Sling once they are inactive in your Toastweb account.

It's also important to note that the time zone assigned to each employee profile will need to be adjusted for your location; this data does not import from your Toastweb account.

Any changes to employee wages must be made in your Toastweb account, and have to be added to your wage override column in order for Sling to pull the data. For example, if an employee receives a wage, this would first need to populate in your Toastweb account, and appear in the wage override column in order for Sling to import that update. Changes made to employee wages directly in Sling will not export to or be recognized by Toast.

After an employee has joined your Sling account, then they will be responsible for updating their email address in Sling if they need to change it for any reason. Once employee mapping has been completed, the email address saved to Toastweb will no longer overwrite what is saved to Sling.

Again, employees will be assigned to any job code and location that they are assigned to in Toast. If an employee's job changes, or if their location changes, then this must be updated in Toast so that it will import correctly to Sling.

It's imperative to note that employees can still be assigned to shifts that do not include the job codes saved to their Toast profiles. For this reason, we recommend paying close attention when scheduling employees. If you get a pop-up message stating that the employee is not assigned to a particular location or position, then it is wise to check the details saved to their Toastweb profile before continuing.

Sales & labor data

Sling will import your actual sales data and wage details for employees automatically so that you're able to review that information in Sling.

Sales data will update each time the accounts automatically sync, every 15 minutes, based upon closed tickets from your Toast POS. At this time, no sales data is displayed directly in the schedule. Managers and admins will be able to review the Reports to look at actual Sales information that has imported to Sling. Sales data up to 30 days in the past can be synced.

Within the Schedule page, managers and admins will have the ability to see an overview of the labor cost (and labor % based upon how you've configured those settings). Using the Add-ons filter, you can choose to hide or make visible the labor cost details:

For more details about how to input projected sales, please refer to this article. Sling also has a new feature that allows you to import projected sales. This article details the projected sales forecasting feature for Toast-integrated accounts on the Scheduling Pro subscription.

For details about reviewing reports, please refer instead to this article. As with the Schedule and Timesheet pages in Sling, you can customize the look of your Reports so that the columns you need to refer to are visible. This way, the reports are tailored for your needs and can be exported as an .xls or .csv file to import to another program, or for record-keeping purposes.

It's also important to note that Sling pulls the wage details for different job codes from Toastweb's Wage Override column. Wages must be input to the right column under their job details in order for Sling to pull them.

Please note as well that Sling cannot support employees who have both a salary and hourly wage assigned. If a salary has been applied to a single position in Toastweb, then it will apply to all jobs in Sling.

Scheduling shifts

When you begin building your schedule, it is important to note that the integration will not work correctly if you are assigning shifts to employees which do not contain the jobs or locations saved to their Toastweb profile.

When you connect Sling+Toast, the job codes assigned to employees will import so that they are also assigned to them in Sling. You can view this information by clicking on an employee's name, and then selecting the Work tab of their profile details.

The positions and locations that import to the profile are the only ones that Toast will recognize. For example, if you have an employee Jane Dough, and she is assigned to the Server position in Toastweb, then you cannot schedule her for a different job in Sling. If you assign a shift to Jane with a position other than Server, it means that schedule enforcement will not work properly and the timesheet data for the shift will not be communicated between the applications. The same is true for locations; you can only assign locations that are assigned under Restaurant access in an employee's Toastweb profile.

What our team recommends if you wish to indicate specific jobs for an employee that are not assigned to them in Toastweb is to instead apply Tags or Shift notes to the shift containing the correct position, so that the employee can easily decipher what specific duties they'll be expected to perform for that shift.

Timesheet editing

When shifts are created in Sling, those details will export to your Toastweb account. You can verify that the accounts are communicating correctly by selecting the Employees option from your Toastweb navigation panel, and then selecting Scheduling. On that page, beneath the time clock rules for clocking in and out, you'll see the shift details that have imported.

If an employee forgets to clock into a shift, you can edit their timesheet on Toast or Sling. Timesheet edits on Sling will now sync over to Toast. It's important to note that the location and position on a timesheet must exist on Toast and be assigned to the employee on Toast for the timesheet to sync correctly from Sling to Toast. However, Sling has timesheet tooltips that will allow you to easily see which timesheets aren't syncing from Sling to Toast as well as why they aren't syncing over.

Note that the source for all shifts will initially show Sling on timesheets until the employee clocks into their shift. If the employee clocks in on Toast, the source will change to Toast. If the employee clocks in on Sling, the source will show Sling.

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