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Through your Toast account, you are eligible to utilize the Scheduling Lite or Scheduling Pro version of Sling. This page explains what data syncs for this integration, how to create a new Sling account for the integration, or how to connect your existing Sling account to your Toast account.

What data syncs?

Employee data

Send employee information -- names, positions, locations, and wages -- created on Toast to Sling. Keep Sling up-to-date by adding or editing employee details in your Toast account.

Please note that Sling communicates with Toasttab, not with Toast Payroll.


Send timecards created on Toast to Sling, compare the scheduled and actual hours and costs, analyze discrepancies, and export timesheets for processing payroll as if the time tracking were performed on Sling.


Send sales data straight from your Toast POS to Sling, compare projected and actual sales, labor %, and optimize the cost of labor by building better employee schedules that respect the margins you are after.


  • Sling and Toast will automatically sync once every 15 minutes

  • Changes to employee details must be made in Toasttab in order for them to display properly in Sling

  • Toast will override Positions, Locations, and wage details that are added directly to Sling

  • Timesheet corrections must be made in your Toast account in order for it to be accurate; changes made to the Sling timesheets will not sync over to your Toast account

  • Details in Toast must be accurate as the sync does not currently send information both ways across platforms

  • Integrations that result in duplicate entries can be cleaned up using Sling's merge option

Create your Sling account

  1. Login to your Toast account, and select Integrations from the left-side navigation bar.

Please note: if you do not see integrations in your left sidebar then this may mean you do not have permissions to modify this part of the account. Please request that your Toast Web account administrator make this change.

2. Advance to the Configure integrations > My integrations page.

3. On this screen, you should see Sling. You'll need to click on the actual name of the application.

Please note: The version of Sling you have access to use will depend on the type of subscription you have for either Scheduling Lite or Scheduling Pro. If you're not sure which version of Sling you're entitled to, please contact or reach out to your Toast representative for clarification.

4. Once you click on the name of the Sling application, you'll be redirected to the webpage where you can click "Get started" in the upper right to create a new Sling account.

4. Fill in some basic details, and create a password for yourself. Then you'll need to fill in some more information about your company.

5. On the next page, you'll be prompted to select which option you want to move forward with. Select the option to Connect Sling and Toast.

6. The next screen will contain a group ID (GUID), which you'll need to copy. Once you've copied the GUID, click “Connect” and you will be redirected to Toast web in a new browser tab to sign into your Toast account.

If you prefer to use the tab you already have opened to your Toast account, do not click the blue connect button, and simply return to the existing tab opened to

7. You'll need to return to the My integrations screen once you're back in your Toast account. Click the gear icon for Sling, and paste the GUID that you copied. If you have multiple locations in your Toast account that you wish to connect with the same Sling account, then you'll need to paste the same code for each location that appears here.

8. Once you have pasted the code to as many locations as applicable, click Apply.

Congratulations – your Toast and Sling accounts are connected now! 🎉

Your new Sling account will import your employee details from your Toast account. Once the first sync is complete, you can select the Employees button from your Dashboard to review and make sure all employees names are appearing correctly.

Please note that if your integration is disconnected for any reason, you may need to generate a new GUID to copy and paste over to your Toast integration settings once more.

Adding Sling to My integrations

If when you go to the My integrations page of your account, you do not see Sling listed, this means you'll need to add it yourself to the account.

1. In your Toast account, click Integrations in the left-side navigation bar, and then select Browse & purchase integrations.

2. On this screen, you can use the search bar to find Sling, and then click Add now.

3. You'll be prompted to indicate which location you wish to add Sling for. Select all applicable, and then click Apply at the very bottom of the dropdown. Then you can click to Confirm, and Sling will be added to your integrations page.

Syncing your Sling + Toast accounts

After logging into your existing Sling account on the web:

1. Go to Settings > Integrations.

2. Hit “Connect” next to Toast.

3. Copy the group ID that Sling generates. Do not click the blue Connect button, unless you do not already have a separate tab opened to your Toast account.

4. Once you have your code, go to the tab opened to your Toast account.

5. In the left-side navigation menu, go to Integrations > Browse & purchase integrations.

6. Search for and then add Sling:

7. Go back to Integrations > Browse & purchase integrations > Manage integrations.

8. Click on the gear icon next to Sling.

9. Paste the Group ID you copied step 3.

Note that if you have more than one location under a single Toast account, you'll need to paste the same Group ID for each of the locations in your Toast settings.

Please note: The version of Sling that you will be connecting to Toast through the single tile depends on the subscription you have for either Scheduling Lite or Scheduling Pro. Whichever subscription you are entitled to will be the version of Sling that you have access to.

10. Once you have pasted the code for all applicable locations in your Toast account, click Apply.

Congratulations – your Toast and Sling accounts are connected now! 🎉

After the connection is established, your employees and timesheets will be imported into Sling. Past the initial import, the data will be automatically synced every 15 minutes. You are also able to sync the data manually whenever the latest updates are required.

**Please note that if your integration is disconnected for any reason, you may need to generate a new Group ID to copy and paste over to your Toast integration settings once more.

**Manually removed or edited information that was previously synced from Toast, won't be updated on Sling with the following sync.

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