This article was last reviewed December 9, 2022.

For accounts that are integrated with another application, Sling now includes an option to merge user profiles for duplicate employees! This will help to ensure that the integration works properly, and that integration partner account recognizes the details that the two programs need to communicate about.

Please note that the option to merge duplicate profiles is only available for accounts that are currently integrated with another program.

When you notice that there is more than one profile for an employee within your Employees page, you can select the option dots for one of them, and then select "Merge."

Sling will then prompt you to select the other profile you with which you would like to combine details. Click to select the other name from the dropdown options, and then click the blue Merge button to complete the process.

Please note that the profile you are merging one INTO is the one that will be retained. Make sure that the profile you select to merge is the one that does not contain the details you wish to keep.

Voila! The duplicate is now combined with the profile that the integration partner can recognize according to the details that were imported from your synced account.

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