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Getting started

A step by step guide for business owners, managers and employees

Company settings

These can be adjusted by an admin to control the look and feel of Sling for all users

User preferences

Customize the appearance and feel of your own account


Help with shift creation, schedule appearance and settings, scheduling tools, and more

Messages, Tasks, Newsfeed, & Announcements

Learn about the different communication tools available

Employees and Profiles

Manage your employees profiles and documents

Unavailability and Time off
Locations & Positions
Shift exchanges

Available shifts and shift offers

Time Clock and Timesheets
Labor cost

Info on setting wages, applying holiday pay, setting projected and actual sales, measuring overtime and more


Info on the integrations we have available and how they work

Pricing & Subscriptions

Info on pricing, upgrading, and downgrading

Video Tutorials

Watch videos on some of the most popular topics from our YouTube channel

Sling Demos

Walk-through videos for admins and managers