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Your Toast account is the true source of data for the Sling+Toast integration. This means that the details for your employees, wages, positions, and locations all come from the details saved to your Toast tab, and sync every 15 minutes to pull any updates from your Toast account.

Once an integration has been initiated between your Sling and Toast accounts, you'll want to make sure that the time clock in Sling has been disabled. This is because the rules for the time clock as well as clocking in and out all occur through the Toast POS, not through Sling. Sling cannot send timesheet data to Toast, but Toast's timesheet data is imported into Sling.

The exception to this rule is if you would like to utilize the attendance report for the purpose of tracking late employees. In that case, you will enable only the kiosk function in Sling (if you have access to Sling Pro), and this will allow for the timesheet data that Sling imports to trigger the attendance tracking function specifically for late arrivals.

Keep in mind that Sling and Toast sync every 15 minutes for employee data, but every hour for timesheet details. So the time clock data you are able to read in Sling will not always reflect the most recent Toast activity.

The way to make sure that your Toast + Sling integration is working properly is to refer to your Time clock tab. In the Source column, you should see that the data is coming from Toast, and this indicates that Sling is importing your timesheet data correctly.

Timesheet data listed with Sling as the source is not able to be exported to Toast, and so your timesheet details would need to be edited directly on the Toast side if you have any data that was generated from Sling's time clock that you want to be added to your Toast account.

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