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Apply and remove filters to get work done faster

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This article was last reviewed September 7, 2023.

You can apply filters while you are viewing the Schedule, Reports, and Timesheet details so that you're able to focus on the information you need to review.

From the web app

In order to have access to the filters illustrated here, you will need to log in to Sling from a browser at The filters button will also need to be selected in order for the options to display, otherwise, the filter options are kept hidden from view.

In any of the filter drop-downs, you can click on the center of an item so that Sling will deselect all other options. This saves time if you have a lot of names to choose from, but only want to focus on particular ones. Instead of having to deselect each thing you don't want to see, you can easily click to focus on the details you do need.

When a filter is in use, Sling will indicate this by showing its label in blue. When a filter is not in use, then it will show in gray.

The exception to this is the Add-ons filter box, whose label will always display in gray font regardless of whether items have been deselected. When you notice that employees are missing from the Schedule page, for example, please check your Add-ons to ensure that empty rows are visible. In the example below, empty rows have been hidden from view, because they are not selected.

In the Schedule page, you'll need to click on an individual filter in order to clear it.

But in the Reports and Timesheet pages, you can use the "Clear filters" option to clear all filters that have been applied.

When shifts seem to disappear from your schedule, check to see what filters are active which may be hiding details from your view.

When employee names seem to be missing from the Schedule, check the Location, Position, Group, and Employee filters. Then check the Add-ons filter to make sure that any employees who have not yet been scheduled are visible by selecting Empty rows (in the Week or Day views):

Please note that filters applied in the web version of Sling do not translate to the mobile version of Sling.

From the mobile app

In the Shifts and Timesheets screens of the Sling mobile app, you can also apply some filters to help you narrow down the shifts in view.

Users can filter out Day notes, Events, Status, Locations, Positions, or Tags by tapping the filter icon in the upper left of the screen.

The shifts tab filter option:

The timesheet filter options are also accessible in the top left of the screen:

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