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How do I set projected sales?
How do I set projected sales?

Learn different ways to enter and edit projected sales for your locations

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Setting general default projections by day

Entering the info under the location details sets defaults for each day of the week, which will populate those projected sales values on the schedule. 

To set up default projected sales from the Location details, go to Labor Cost > Locations. 

Select a location from the list and click the Budget tab in the details window. From here you can input your projected sales defaults for each day of the week.

Adding projected sales by date

Editing these values from the schedule or reports is more accurate and your totals for each date can be adjusted easily at the end of each business day. These options also allow you to import figures from a CSV or Excel file.

To adjust projected sales from the schedule itself, go to the Schedule tab and sort the calendar by location or filter one location into view. You'll see the Projected Sales row appear.

To edit individual dates, hover your mouse over the dollar amounts, then click the pencil icon. 

Uploading projected sales

You can upload projected sales right from the schedule or from the sales report page.

To upload sales on the schedule page, click the options menu at the top right.

To upload projected sales from the reports page, make sure you are viewing the sales tab, then click the import button.

A window will pop up where you can add your file and designate whether the data is aligned horizontally or vertically.

The next screen will allow you to label the rows or columns and select which ones you want to import. This screen also allows you to choose the format of the date so the data is imported properly.

Click "Next" and confirm the data looks correct, then click "Import sales" and your sales figures will be added to the calendar and reports.

Editing sales figures by date in the sales report

Whether you have sales figures added already or not, you are also able to manually edit specific dates right from the reports screen.

Hover your mouse over the numbers for a certain date to make a pencil icon appear. Click that area and you can type in an amount, then hit Enter to save it.

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