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Projected sales forecasting for Toast integration
Projected sales forecasting for Toast integration

Toast customers with a Scheduling Pro subscription can now import projected sales from their Toastweb account

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This article was created November 21, 2023.

Sling has a new labor forecasting function that will make your sales projections easier to manage!

Toast integration customers with a Scheduling Pro subscription will now be able to import projected sales to Sling. Using seasonal data, historical trends, and industry trends, Sling is able to provide forecasting with fewer steps.

From the Schedule page, when you are in the Week view, you will notice a new icon in the top right that allows you to sync projected sales from your Toastweb account:

As you get closer to the date of the scheduled shifts, you can re-sync to import updated values and make any adjustments to your schedule based upon the updated synced projection data.


  • Clicking the sync button will import sales projections and override any values that were input manually prior.

  • If you do not see the option to import projected sales, please try and re-connect your sync from Sling and Toast. You will also need to have Scheduling Pro to use this feature.

  • If a manager has permission for one location, but not another, Sling will only allow managers with access to labor costing to sync data for the locations to which they're assigned.

  • This forecasting will be for a weekly period at this time. You can sync up to 4 weeks into the future. Calculations will be more accurate the closer to the date you get, and the more historical sales data your Toast account has. Resyncing as time passes will allow for better results, but a discrepancy of 30%-40% is normal.

  • Remember, you must be in the Week view, with either the Group by: Location option filtered, or you must be filtering to view specific locations using your location filter.

  • Sales forecasting does not take weather predictions, holidays, or other events into account. It is solely based upon the sales data your Toastweb has accumulated at this time.

  • If you hover over details within your Sales report, just like always, you will still see a purple tool tip that shows you who last edited the projection amount.

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