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What are Reports?
What are Reports?

Learn how reports can benefit your organization

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Reports are a part of the Business subscription, and they allow you to view and/or export data related to each of the labor cost functions.

They can be run by day, week, month, or custom ranges and it's possible to sort most of the data by employee, position, location, or group. Attendance and Sales reports have limited sorting options.

Here are examples of the different reports you can view or export.


Labor reports return data based on scheduled hours and/or actual hours so you can estimate, review, or compare how much you're projected to spend vs. how much you are actually spending on labor for the selected range. This report is also helpful if you would like to use scheduled data to process payroll, since it is the only report that returns hours and wages based on scheduled shifts, rather than time clock activity. Here are the segments of data available in a Labor report:


Payroll reports are based on time clock activity and reflect actual time worked by an employee. These can easily be exported so you can upload the data to your current payroll processing service/software. These are the data segments available for Payroll reports:


Attendance reports allow you to compare scheduled shifts vs. shifts worked to see how often your employees are missing work. Actual shifts are counted based on time clock activity. No-shows and sick call-outs are counted based on how many times an admin or manager marked an employee's shift as such. Late arrivals are also tracked here based on your settings and time clock activity.

Shift Feedback

Shift feedback reports allow you to view and track employee engagement and happiness. The graph on the left shows the average rating over time for the selected time frame. The graph on the right shows the breakdown by rating for the selected time frame.

Time off

Time off reports show any approved time off for the selected range along with the type of request and whether it is paid or unpaid. 


The sales report allows you to compare projected and actual sales figures so you can see how your business is performing. You can also compare labor cost percentages if you have set a labor cost goal. Sales amounts can be uploaded or edited by date here, as well.

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