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How do I set up the Labor Cost function?
How do I set up the Labor Cost function?

Learn how to set up wages and projected sales

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There are multiple parts to this feature – estimated wages, overtime, budgeting, and labor as a percentage of sales. You can use all or parts of it, as needed. The combined settings will help you see accurate labor cost summaries on the schedule and in reports.

Setting wages:

To get started, set employees’ wages.
Go to Dashboard > Labor Cost. By default, you will land on the employees tab. 

Click the options button by an employee’s name to edit their assigned wages.

This will open the employee’s profile and take you to their current wage settings. 

You can choose whether the employee is paid hourly or earns a salary, then edit the details of their rates.

Repeat this for each member of your staff, or if they all earn the same rate for a certain position, you can also set wages for the position. This means all employees will earn the same rate, unless a higher one is specified in their profile.

Position wage settings can also be accessed under the labor cost tab.

Set your projected sales and labor budget:

Next, you'll need to set up budget info for your locations. This is also accessed under the labor cost tab. 

Click a location's name in the list, then select the Budget tab. Here, you can set default sales projections for each day of the week. This means each Monday, Tuesday, Wenesday, etc. will be populated with the amount entered. These can be adjusted from the calendar or reports later.

Finally, you will want to check your labor cost settings for the account, which is where you will set your labor cost % goal.

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Labor cost. Here you can set:

  • currency used (applies to all locations)

  • if overtime is paid and the weekly threshold and multiplier

  • Labor % goals (which pop up alerts when you attempt to schedule over the goal)

  • if shifts worked on holidays are paid a higher rate and the multiplier

  • spread of hours settings (for NYC businesses)

  • if any managers should have access to labor cost details (only admins have this by default)

  • if employees can see their own assigned wages

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