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Deactivate/reactivate employees
Deactivate/reactivate employees

Remove an employee from your active roster without removing them from the account completely

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This article was last reviewed December 5, 2023.

Admins can perform this action for any employee in the company while Managers are restricted to employees for their assigned locations, only.

It is only possible to deactivate and reactivate employees using the web version of Sling at this time.

Note that deactivated employees do not count toward your total active user count, and are therefore not included in the cost for Sling's Premium or Business subscription.

Note as well that you will not see the option for the Deactivated employee tab if you do not have any deactivated employees. This separate tab will only display once you have at least 1 deactivated profile.


Please note that deactivating an employee does not remove their historical data from Sling. You will still be able to find their timesheet and report details; only future shift details are removed for the user who is being deactivated (when that option is selected).

Deactivating a single profile

To deactivate one employee, go to Dashboard > Employees. Next to an employee's row, you will see an options button (3 dots). Click it and you will be able to deactivate the employee.

You will see the following prompt where you can designate what to do with shifts and tasks assigned to that employee. Note that if the employee is assigned recurring shifts and they are not deleted, the shifts will become single shifts and cannot be edited all at once.

Make your selections and click the Deactivate button.

This will preserve past shift history, so you will see they are listed in previous Day/Week/Month views, but their name will be removed from future schedules.

Their profile will now be moved to the Deactivated tab.

Deactivating multiple employees

To deactivate multiple employees at once, go to the Employees tab and hover your mouse over their names to make a checkbox appear.

Select the employees you would like to deactivate. You will see a row of action buttons appear across the top of the page.

When you click Deactivate, you will be asked what you would like to do with any shifts and tasks assigned to these employees. This will apply to all selected employees, so if you would like to choose different options for different users, it's best to deactivate them individually.

Once you click the Deactivate button, the profiles will be moved to the Deactivated tab.


Jump to the Employees page again, then select the Deactivated tab and find their name in the list.

Click the options button (3 dots) to reactivate the profile for the employee you wish to be active again on the account.

Please note that you do not need to invite an employee who has been reactivated. The employee will be able to log into Sling once their profile has been reactivated. If the employee is unsure of their password, they should use the "forgot password" option located on the Sling login page.

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