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Schedule import for Toast integration
Schedule import for Toast integration

Toast-integrated Sling accounts can now import existing schedules

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This article was created March 6, 2024.

Sling’s new schedule import option makes it easier for customers switching over to Sling through their Toast integration so that you don’t miss a beat.

This function will only work for companies that were using a different scheduling app prior, and that had imported their schedules to Toastweb, as Sling will be pulling the shift data from your Toast account. Sling cannot import schedules directly from another scheduling application.

If you have schedules that you would like to import, here are the steps to follow once you’ve established the connection between Toast + Sling.

Upon import, or when you first create your Sling account through Toastweb, you’ll see the prompt to import your schedule in the Schedule page of your Sling account, as in the sample below:

As long as you don’t have schedules built for the current week in view, then you can import existing schedules. All the shifts will import from Toastweb for that week only.

You must be viewing a fresh week in the schedule with no shifts. The import function will not be available if there are shifts entered into Sling. This means that if for some reason you already have shifts, but they are not visible due to the filters that are active, then it would not be possible to use the import function.

Beyond the initial sync between your Sling and Toast accounts, you can click the Toast import shifts button on the Schedule page:

If you import shifts from Toast, but then decide you don't need them, you can always Undo your action using the undo icon:


  • If you deleted some shifts from your week to clear it, then we recommend also clearing your cookies and refreshing the tab you have opened to your Sling account to see the option to import a schedule for the week.

  • The import option will only pull over data 7 days into the future. So if you notice that shifts have loaded carrying over into the next week, depending on how your schedule is configured, then none past that 7 day mark will appear.

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