This article was created on August 3, 2022.

Sling's Schedule now includes an option to review the details of changes made to shifts!

This activity log will only provide details for the last 20 shifts added to the schedule at this time. More details will be available in the future, according to the feedback we receive about what will make this even more functional for you.

To view the activity log, from the Schedule page of your web account, click the Option dots in the upper right of the screen:

Once you select Activity log from the dropdown menu for Options, you'll see a list of the last 20 shifts added to the schedule, in order from most recent to older.

The details that appear will include the person responsible for making the change, a brief description of what action was taken, and the date and time that the action occurred.

To view more details about the shift(s) that the log documents, you can click on the entry in the activity log.

Keep track of changes to the schedule more easily with the new activity log!

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Have some feedback for us? Please feel feee to reach out to to let us know what you think, or to make suggestions for improvements to the activity log. We welcome your input so that we can continue improving Sling to meet your needs!

Need more details for looking at a specific shift's history? Check here.

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