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Schedule templates

Learn how to save entire ranges of your schedules so they can be applied to future dates easily

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This article was last reviewed on May 20, 2024.

Once you have a schedule built for a week just the way you want, it's easy to save a copy that can be applied later in just a few clicks. 

Schedule templates are specific to the shifts in view, so it's also possible to create them just for certain locations, positions, groups, tags, etc. Just choose the desired filters above the calendar section of the schedule page, then follow the steps below.

Please note that schedule templates are only available in the Premium and Business versions of Sling.

Once you have the schedule built and are viewing the shifts you wish to include, click the Options dots at the top right of the page and choose "Save schedule to template." This is only available in the day and week views.

Next, you can name your template and add a description. You can also choose to automatically unassign the shifts, and choose whether or not to include unpublished shifts. The option to unassign the shifts is also presented later, so you may consider leaving this option set to "No." Click Save to add the template to your account.

When you're ready to apply the template, use the date picker to choose the range you'd like to apply it to, then click the options menu again and choose Load schedule from template.

Your list of templates will appear so you can choose the one you need. You'll also see that you can revert them to unassigned here. This is where you can also delete any schedule templates that you no longer need by clicking the trashcan icon displayed along the right for each entry.

Once you advance to the date range you wish to paste the template to, click Apply to load the shifts to the displayed range.

The shifts will be applied to the same days of the week and will be added as unpublished so you can make adjustments as needed before your employees are notified.

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