Bulk editing shifts

Learn how to update several shifts at the same time with bulk editing

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Article last reviewed on 2/11/2022.

If you need to edit multiple shifts quickly due to a mistake or a last minute change, you can easily do that with our bulk edit feature (available in the Premium and Business subscriptions).

For example, maybe you have a staff meeting that needs to be moved up an hour.

First, select the shifts you want to edit. Hover your mouse pointer over a shift to make the checkbox appear.

You can also apply a combination of filters to show just the shifts you need to edit, then click the Select all icon at the top left of the page.

Once you have your shifts selected, click the Edit icon (✏️) at the top left.

In the pop-up window, choose which details you would like to edit and enter the new info.

If you need to edit multiple details about the shifts, you can add more fields easily.

When you're done making changes, be sure you choose the appropriate publish status

  • Publish all will publish the changes as soon as you save them and send notifications to your staff.

  • Unpublish all will remove any previously published shifts from view and your employees will not be able to see the shifts and changes.

Finally, click the green Save button and your changes will be reflected on the schedule.

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