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Joining a Sling account (for Toastweb employees)
Joining a Sling account (for Toastweb employees)

Review the steps we recommend taking once you have been invited to join your company's Sling account

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This article was created on August 3, 2023.

If you have recently received an invitation to join your company's Sling account, and they are using the Toast+Sling integration, there are a few things to keep as you set up your Sling user profile.

  • You cannot log in to a Sling account that you have not yet been invited to join; only an active admin or manager on the Sling account has authorization to invite you.

  • You'll receive either an SMS or email invitation, but you must have a functional email address in order to create a profile, as the email address you save will serve as your user ID for Sling.

  • You must clock in using the Toast POS terminal for only the job code that is assigned to your scheduled shift. Using a different job code will result in creating an unscheduled shift if your manager approves the clock in/out.

Once you do receive your invitation to join Sling, then you'll be prompted to set up your user password and login credentials. It's a good idea to use the same email address that your employer used to send you the invitation. If you were invited by text message (SMS), then you will be able to input the email address you'd like to use to log in to your new Sling profile.

If you have already joined another Sling account for a different job, you can go here for more details about how to switch between accounts that share the same email address.

If you need details on what to do if you're joining through the web, please check out this article instead.

Joining your employer's Sling account using a mobile device

  1. Download the Sling mobile app for your Android or iPhone.

  2. From your smartphone, open the invitation message you received, and click on the unique link to set up your account.

  3. You'll be redirected to the Sling app, where you can enter a password (and an email address, if you are responding to a text invitation).

  4. Make sure your password meets the criteria in order to set it.

  5. After you click to set your password, you'll land on the Sling Dashboard screen. But before exploring anything else in the Sling app, it's a good idea to review your profile details to make sure they are accurate. Using the bottom menu options, select the More tab.

  6. From this screen, you can select to view your Profile.

  7. On your Profile page, you'll be able to edit certain details. Make sure that you select the correct time zone where you live! You will not be able to see your scheduled shifts at the correct time if this is not adjusted to be correct:

  8. You can also edit some other details in your profile, but items such as your System role, Locations, and Positions will all need to be adjusted by an account admin, as these details depend on what is saved to your Toastweb profile.

  9. Click Save any time you make edits to ensure that your adjustments are saved before leaving the page.

Once you have completed the initial setup of your username and password, you'll get a confirmation email at the address you saved to the account!

Now you can explore the Sling mobile app to get acquainted with it! Check out our Employee mobile app guide for more details.

Looking for information that isn't here? Check out the links below, or let the Sling Support team know!

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