There are a few places where you can apply for an available shift.

When you first log into your account, you should land on the Dashboard. Any available shift notifications that are still active will be listed there along with the option to apply.

If more than one available shift was published at the same time, you might also see a notification like this:

In that case, you would click the notification, which will open a window where you can switch between the shifts and apply for any you'd like.

To review available shifts from the calendar, go to the Schedule tab. Employees should land on the My Schedule tab, which shows any assigned shifts as well as available shifts.

You can also click the Available Shifts tab to see a list.

To apply for an Available shift, click on one to open the details, then click the Apply for shift button at the top right.

You'll get confirmation of your application and depending on your company's settings, you may or may not need to wait for approval from a manager.

If you want to review the shifts you've applied for, you can check by looking for those that show your initials at the right of a shift block (visible from any tab where available shifts are displayed).

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