Remaining PTO

Learn where to check how much time is left in your PTO bank

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As an employee, you may wonder how to tell the amount of days you have available to use for paid time off requests.

In the web version of Sling, you can see these details if you pull up a time off request modal, and click the type of time off, as demonstrated below:

In the Sling mobile app, similar to the web version, you can also see the details for how much PTO you have available by clicking on the details for the time off type.

Once you tap to request time off, tap to view the time off types, and you will see the same list there:

If you aren't sure how to request time off, take a look at this article for more details.

If you do not see the option to request paid time off, then your employer may not have that option available, or may have disabled the time off request function. For questions about your company's policies for time off, be sure to contact your employer.

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