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Request time off

Steps for employees, including web and app instructions

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This article was last reviewed on July 1, 2024.

Right now, this option is only available to users in the employee role. Admins and managers are able to add time off directly to the schedule. Managers who have been assigned to other managers will receive notifications to approve time off requests for them.

Also note: if you are not seeing the request button on the web or the options button in the app, your admin may have disabled the feature. Please reach out to them for assistance in adding time off to your schedule.

From the web

Go to the Schedule tab and click the Request time off button at the top right.

You can also find the date on the calendar and hover your mouse to see a + icon appear. 

In the window that pops up, fill in the details of your request. If your company has enabled PTO, you will have the option to choose the type of request (sick, vacation, personal, holiday, etc) and also see how many remaining days or hours you have left for the type.

Set the dates and or times of your request and add a comment, if desired. When the details are correct, click the Send request button.

From the app

Tap the Shifts tab, then tap the options button at the top right and choose request time off

On the next screen, enter the details for your request. When you're ready to submit it, tap Save at the top right.

You will be returned to the main Shifts screen and a confirmation message will show across the bottom to let you know the request was submitted. Your manager will receive a notification of the request and can approve or deny it.

You can also review the details of your request along with its status on your shifts tab. 

Once your manager reviews the request, you will get a notification of their decision, whether approved or denied.

Need more information about who receives your time off request? Go here.

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