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Assign managers to profiles
Assign managers to profiles

Designate employees' managers who should receive notifications and assign managers for other managers as well!

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This article was updated on May 6, 2024.

Under the Work tab of an employee or manager profile, there is an option to add the name of one or more managers.



When at least one name has been added to this manager field, then that means only the manager(s) listed will receive communications for the employee. Admins who have enabled the Employee Activity Notifications setting will also receive these notifications when an employee has been assigned a specific manager. These include time off requests, shift exchange details/requests, changes to unavailability, and time clock notifications.

If you wish for all managers to receive Dashboard notifications for employees, simply leave the manager field in a profile blank. In that case, then Sling will generate a notification for any request from an employee to all managers who are assigned to the same location as the employee. Admins have the option to enable or disable these notifications.

Additionally, you have the ability to add admin names to the assigned manager field, and just as with other managers who are listed there, the admins will also continue to receive any notifications for the employee.

**Note that location assignments for Toast + Sling integrations are determined by the locations assigned to employee profiles in your Toasttab account. In these cases, you'll want to make sure the location assigned to people is correct in your Toasttab account, and be sure to add any manager to the correct field in Sling for an employee's profile if you wish for them to receive notifications.

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