This article was last reviewed on July 20, 2022.

Sling has added specific tabs under an employee's profile so that you can easily find and add information.

As an admin or manager for your organization's Sling account, when you click on the name of an employee using the web version of Sling, you'll be redirected to the Personal profile tab for that user. As of July 2022, the profile details have been split into two tabs: Personal and Work.

Under the Personal tab, you'll find the employee's basic details. These include:

  • first and last name

  • email address

  • phone number

  • time zone where the employee lives

  • date of birth

  • home address

  • emergency contact details

Under the Work tab, you'll find these additional details:

  • status of the user's profile (whether they have joined the account yet or not)

  • hire date

  • employee ID

  • preferred hours

  • system role

  • manager assignment

  • location(s) assignment

  • position(s)

  • groups the employee has been added to

  • time clock enablement/disablement option

  • time clock PIN (for kiosk only)

  • option to hide the employee from your schedule

New: It is now possible to assign a manager or admin to a manager's profile as well!

Additional tabs for an employee's profile include Documents, Unavailability, Wages, Time Off, and Notes.

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