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Employee Documents

Keep your team in compliance and track certifications and other employee documents in Sling.

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This article was last updated on July 10, 2024.

Admins and Managers on our Business subscription can attach important documents (i.e. certifications, licenses, forms, etc.) to employee profiles. Expiration dates can be set, and notifications enabled for upcoming expirations.

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Note that users assigned to the Manager system role will only have access to an employee's Documents tab if their name has been added as the assigned manager under the employee's Profile details > Work tab.

As documents are employee-specific, they are located under an employee's profile, within their own tab, illustrated below.

You can drag and drop files or browse to upload them.

The title of the Document will be entered under "Document Name."

You can make this document visible to only you, managers assigned to the employee, or both the employee and the employee's managers to keep in compliance more efficiently.

You can add the expiration date for when this specific license/certificate expires, so you can be reminded of when licenses or certifications need to be renewed. To be notified that a document is expiring soon, you'll need to enable "Expiration notifications." If enabled, you will get a notification 15 days before and on the day of the expiration date.

The maximum file size for individual document uploads is 20 MB. There is not a limit to how many documents can be added to an employee's profile.

Once the documents have been saved, you can view all documents stored for the employee in a list. Using the 3-dot option box, you can Edit, Download, or Delete Documents.

No more need to manually track who is certified, and for what, in separate apps!

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