From any page in your account, click your name at the top right corner to access the menu and choose Unavailability from the list.

Employees can also access this page from their Dashboard by clicking the Unavailability tab.

This will bring you to your unavailability tab within your profile. Set the days and/or times you are not available for work. You can block off an entire day by clicking the all day button. To set certain times, hover your mouse over the grid and click the “+” that appears. You can adjust the duration by clicking the end or beginning of the box and dragging it to the correct time. Since unavailability is designed for long-term use, you will also need to set an end date or choose “indefinitely” to allow it to repeat forever. If you don't want the set to repeat, simply set an end date, and you will only be marked as unavailable on the schedule for the date range selected (even though the repeat menu shows the "weekly" repeat option).

Once saved, you will also see the option to enter additional sets. 

If you need to enter multiple settings for your unavailability, please click here for instructions.

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