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How can I require a manager's approval for changes to unavailability?
How can I require a manager's approval for changes to unavailability?

Learn how to review changes to employees' settings before they are applied to your schedule

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This article was last reviewed January 17, 2024.

If you're noticing problems with employees editing their availability at the last minute or would like to make sure any updates go through management for better awareness, an admin can enable the unavailability approval setting (included in our Premium and Business subscriptions).ย 

Go to your Schedule settings page (Dashboard > Settings > Schedule).

Scroll to the bottom of the page and switch the toggle on for the approval option.

Any future changes your employees make to their unavailability will now come through to your Dashboard as a request.

You can approve or deny it right from the main view or you can click the notification to review the details of the changes they want to make. Pending changes will be highlighted and the dates/times will show up in yellow on the grid.

If the set is approved, we will confirm and let you know that the employee has been notified. The grid will also change and display the standard grey blocks.

On the employee side, they will get a notification of the approval.

They will also see that the approved set can no longer be edited. Changes to an existing set will have to be resubmitted as a new request (they can copy a set to make changes without recreating the whole thing).

As always, admins and managers can make changes to an employee's unavailability on their behalf at any time, so small edits can be accomplished without an employee needing to recreate a set.

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