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Edit unavailability

Edit an existing unavailability set in your Sling profile

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This article was last reviewed on June 26, 2024.

Sling's Unavailability feature is available with Premium and Business subscriptions.

If your availability changes slightly, or you are an Admin/Manager and need to edit one of your employee's unavailability sets, you can do so through the Unavailability tab in an employee's profile.

If you are an Employee, you can get to your saved unavailability sets you have from your Dashboard in the web version of Sling, by clicking the Unavailability button.

Note that an unavailability set that has expired will be listed in the historical sets, accessible by clicking the link just below the current set.

If you are an Employee using the Sling mobile app, you can access your unavailability from the More tab in the main menu.

Once you see the list of unavailability sets, tap the one you wish to edit. Then tap the 3 option dots in the upper right corner of the screen to edit the set.

After you've made the changes you need to, tap Save in the upper right corner before leaving the screen.

Once you have saved your changes, the appropriate Manager or Admin will be notified that you have adjusted your unavailability.

If you are an employee, and you click the 3 dots and do not see the option to edit a set, that means you will have to create a new unavailability set, and it will be submitted to your Manager for approval before it is saved.

If you are an Admin or Manager making changes to an employee's unavailability sets using the web version of Sling, you can access them from the employee's Profile by clicking the Unavailability tab, as shown below:

At the end of the row for each unavailability set, there are 3 option dots. Click them to see the option to edit the set.

Make the adjustments you need to, and remember to click Save at the bottom of the screen before leaving the page where you have made changes!

Please note: If you notice that the Save button is grayed out, that means details are missing. Sling will highlight the missing details in red.

If you need to edit unavailability from the Sling mobile app, first go to the More tab in the bottom menu. Then select Employees from that page's list.

Next, tap on the employee for whom you need to update unavailability, and then find the set you wish to edit.

From within the unavailability set's details, you will see the 3 dots in the upper right corner, and from there you can select to edit the set.

Select any of the days that you need to add or remove from the set, and you can indicate specific times for that day the employee is unavailable or that they are unavailable all day, just as in the web version of Sling.

Remember to tap Save in the upper right corner of the screen before exiting the page where you have made adjustments.

You will receive a pop-up that confirms you have made changes to the set, and you will also receive a notification in your Dashboard that the employee's unavailability has been updated.

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