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How can an admin/manager enter unavailability for an employee?
How can an admin/manager enter unavailability for an employee?

Learn how to designate when your employees cannot work

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This article was last reviewed on July 1, 2024.

As a manager, we realize you may not want to allow employees to change their unavailability without notice to avoid staffing issues. In that case, you can enter the information for them.

Go to Dashboard > Employees, and choose an employee from the list.

From their profile, click the Unavailability tab. Then click to Add new set +.

Add a title, the date range that applies to the set you're making, and put in the blocks for any day of the week that is included within the timeframe you are creating a set for, and click the Save button at the bottom.

If you notice that the Save button is gray, that means there is an error somewhere on the page, or within the profile details for the employee. Click the grayed-out Save button, and Sling will highlight the field that contains an error. For example, you may need to adjust how you have entered an employee's phone number on the Personal tab of their profile. Or, you may be missing a title for the unavailability set you are creating.

Note that on the main page where you can see the list of all active unavailability for an employee, Sling will display the dates for the week in which the unavailability takes place. You can click on an entry to view the details specific to the set.

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