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Learn how to automatically distribute unassigned shifts

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Article last reviewed 2/11/2022.

Admin and Managers using the Business version of Sling have access to an auto-assign function. The auto-assign button also includes the option to make unassigned shifts available, which is available in all versions of Sling.

Watch this video for a quick overview of how auto-assign works:

Sling's auto-assigning feature helps you schedule faster by taking the unassigned shifts you've created and assigning them to employees based on their unavailability and time off. It matches shifts to employees' positions and locations, ensuring they are compatible.

Auto-Assign Feature lets you choose between two different priorities for distributing the Unassigned shifts:

  • Lower cost of labor: employees, who have a lower hourly wage or are at a lower risk of going into overtime, will be given preference.

  • Equal distribution of hours: employees with fewer hours than others will be given preference, to ensure everyone is working equal hours.

To use the Auto-Assign Feature, make sure you are viewing the date range you want to assign, and apply any filters to hide or show certain parts of the schedule. Then, click the Auto icon and choose the Auto-assign option.

Next, you can choose the priority to assign those shifts:

Click "Proceed" and Sling will do all the work in a matter of seconds!

Good to know:

  • It is possible to auto-assign a selection of unassigned shifts. Select the shifts you want to assign and the feature will only take these shifts into account.

  • Sling will also take filters into account. So you will always only auto-assign what is visible on the schedule and only to those employees who are currently visible.

  • Sling will always let you assign shifts manually if there are any conflicts. Employees will never be double-booked.

  • If you're not satisfied with the result, you can always revert these assignments by clicking the undo button.

At the moment, this feature works best if you isolate one Position at a time to distribute shifts. The team is working on improving this so that you won't need to apply a position filter for Sling to distribute larger quantities of shifts with a variety of positions.

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