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Publish specific shifts

Apply filters to publish shifts for different departments or managers separately

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This article was last reviewed on June 3, 2024.

Since admins and managers are able to view unpublished shifts aside from their own, you may find that you're ready to publish a schedule while others are not.

To publish your own shifts without affecting your coworkers' schedules, simply use the filters to isolate the shifts you want to publish (in this example, only certain positions should be published).

Once you have all the desired shifts in view, click the Publish button.

Now, when you clear all filters and view the full schedule, you will see that only the shifts you chose were published, while the rest were unaffected.

If you accidentally publish a group of shifts that you didn't mean to, you can use the undo button, located near the publish button at the top right of the page, and then adjust your filters as needed to publish only the shifts you need to.

Once a shift is published, the relevant employees will be notified according to their notification settings.

To learn about unpublishing a group of shifts at once, check out this article.

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