This article was last reviewed April 14, 2022.

Premium and Business accounts can take advantage of our internal messaging feature to keep everyone on the same page without managing tons of emails, phone calls, or texts.

From the web

Click the Messages tab, then choose whether you'd like to start a group or private conversation.

If you have some conversations going already, you can also click the Start conversation button or one of the + icons next to a conversation type.

For a group conversation, name the conversation (optional), then choose members. You can choose everyone, entire locations, entire positions, specific groups, or individual users. Note that if you leave the conversation name blank, Sling will create one using participant names by default (eg: Grace, Hannah, James, Janet, and Karen;  or Grace and Everyone). These details can be edited later, so don't worry if you make a mistake or forget someone. 

Managers and admins will see an additional option to restrict posting rights for the conversation. 

When you're ready to create the conversation and send messages, click the Create button.

You'll be taken to the new conversation where you can start typing your message.

For a private conversation, just choose the other person you'd like to chat with from the list. You can also start typing their name in the search box instead of scrolling through the entire list.

As soon as you choose a name, you'll be taken to the new conversation so you can send a message.

From the app

Go to the messages tab and tap the + icon at the top right corner.

On the next screen you can name the conversation and choose members.

  • For private conversations, just choose one name. You can leave the conversation name blank and it will automatically be labeled as the person you're sending a message to.

  • For group conversations, you can also leave the name blank, and the names or groups you choose will be populated automatically. It's a good idea to create your own name for group conversations since there may be others with similar members.

When choosing members, just tap to check the circle next to a name or names.

You can also use the Groups tab to assign members by location, position, or group. When you're done adding members, tap Save at the top right.

You'll come back to the Create conversation screen where you can verify the number of people being added to the conversation. Tap Save again to begin the conversation.

Finally, just type your message and send. 

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