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This article was last updated on November 29, 2023.

Announcements are great for notifying your staff of important information. You can tailor announcements to different groups so that only those you wish to include receive the information.

New: It is now possible to access and create announcements from both the web version and mobile app version of Sling! Jump to directions for how to create and view announcements using the mobile app.

From the web

Go to Dashboard > Announcements. Click the Send announcement button.

You will get a new window where you can add recipients, include a title for the announcement, and add content details.

Use the options just beneath the content field to customize your text, including adding emoticons or attaching a file.

Once you have finished adding the details you wish to include, you can click Send, and any person included in the recipients will receive a Dashboard notification that there is a new Announcement. Employees can tap or click the notification to view the details of the announcement.

You will also be able to view how many employees have read the announcement when revisiting the Announcements tab. 

If you click on the eye symbol highlighted above, you can see the names of the people who have viewed the announcement.

Note: The Sling team will be adding back the function which allows admins and managers to see who has not read an announcement, but we do not yet have a timeframe for when this will be available. Any announcements that were created prior to July of 2022 have reverted to show that zero employees have seen the announcement. We are working as quickly as we can to correct these issues.

From the app

To create an announcement using the Sling mobile app, tap the More option from the menu, and then select Announcements.

Next, tap the + in the upper right of the screen.

You'll be prompted to enter the details for your announcement on the next screen. Select the employees you want to receive the announcement, title it, and add the details you need to, including any attachments you might want to add.

In selecting the employees who will receive the announcement, you can choose individuals, or use the Groups option to add clusters of people all at once.

After you've selected people to add, remember to tap Save in the upper right corner!

Once you've added all the details you need, tap Send to send the announcement to all selected recipients, and they will receive a Dashboard notification.

Referring to the Announcements page in the mobile app will also allow users to view announcements that were sent out prior.

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