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Add details to a single shift to communicate important details to employees, managers, or admins

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Sometimes it is necessary to input notes for a single shift in order to communicate specifics that may not be included in the other details of the shift, such as particulars about a location where a shift is scheduled, or a reminder for the employee who is assigned to the shift.

Admins and managers have the option to input shift notes which will then appear when any user clicks or taps the shift to view its details. Employees do not have access to add shift notes at this time, but can add notes to their timesheets.

Adding a shift note

From the web

For access to the shift notes function, make sure to select the corresponding icon from within the shift modal:

Once you have input the Notes details as well as the other shift details, save the shift.

Any user who has access to see the shift will then be able to access the shift notes by clicking to view the shift details.

You'll also notice that within the main view of the Schedule, icons appear in the top right of shift blocks indicating when certain details have been added, including Shift notes:

The option to include shift notes is also included in the option to export the schedule as an .xls or .csv file type:

From the mobile app

After you tap to create a new shift or to edit a shift in the Sling mobile app, near the bottom of the screen, you will find the Notes field where you can enter the details you need to.

Once you save the shift details, then similar to the web version of Sling, you'll notice the Shift notes icon in the main view of the Shifts tab:

When you tap to view the shift details, you'll be able to read the information saved to the Notes:

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