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How does the mobile/web Time Clock work?
How does the mobile/web Time Clock work?

Learn about using our mobile app or any browser to track your employees' hours

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Article last reviewed September 1, 2021.

The mobile/web Time Clock is a part of our Premium and Business subscriptions and allows you to accurately track your employees hours within Sling.

To enable web and mobile clock-in, go to Dashboard > Settings > Time clock. This will allow your employees to access the clock in button right from their own Sling accounts.

If you'd like to prevent employees from clocking in from a mobile device, we also have a Kiosk option. This allows you to set up a dedicated device (computer, tablet, etc) at your location so employees can clock in once they arrive using a PIN.

When employees are scheduled for a shift or if you enable them to clock in without a scheduled shift, they will see the option to clock in from their Dashboard. 

Here's what it looks like on the web:

And in the app:

In addition to clocking in for shifts, employees can punch in and out for breaks. As long as they are scheduled for a shift which includes a break, they will see the option to break out from the shift. This can be done multiple times, so they can take multiple breaks if needed. 

To track your employees' hours, use Timesheets. This feature allows you to review employee punches and make any edits if needed. It also shows you detailed shift info such as the position worked, break duration, and scheduled vs actual hours. 

From the Reports tab, you can access Payroll, which shows details on hours, wages, positions and pay rates. This can be exported for entry into your payroll software.

There are also settings to customize how you want the Time Clock to function. You can set restrictions for where the employees can punch in, allow for rounding of punches, allow early clock-in, and more.

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