Admins and managers can access timesheets from the website and the app to make sure employees are clocking in and out as they should be and to keep track of hours and estimated wages. Making changes is easy, whether you use the website or the mobile app.

Editing timesheets from the website:

There are two places where you can edit timesheets for your employees on the web. The Time clock tab and the Roster.

From the Time clock tab:

Click Time clock in the main (blue) navigation bar to view a list of all activity by date. 

Find the date and employee you need to edit, then click the options button (3 dots) in that row.

A window will pop up where you can adjust the timesheet. If there is no activity for the shift, you will see the scheduled start and end time along with an option to add a clock-in.

When you click Add clock in, the editing options will appear for all fields. Click in one to choose or type a time and select the date.

When you're done making changes, click Save and the timesheet will be updated. 

From the Roster:

The roster on your Dashboard also provides easy access to editing timesheets. Opening the roster defaults to the current date, but you can go back to any other one to make adjustments.  Just like in timesheets, you will click the options button (3 dots) to edit an employee's info.

Editing timesheets from the app:

Just like the website, you can also edit timesheets from multiple places in the app.

From the timesheets screen:

From the app Dashboard, tap the More icon then choose Timesheets from the list.

This will bring up the current week and you will see a summary of all scheduled shifts. Admins will see info for overtime and wages, while managers might only see hours totaled. You can use the arrows at the left and right side of the dates to switch between weeks. To see a certain employee's timesheets, tap their name/row.

The next screen will list all that employee's shifts for the week. You will be able to see which shifts have no activity, are pending, or are approved. To edit a specific date, tap the row.

This will bring up the timesheet details. To edit the info, tap the options button (3 dots) at the top right corner and then choose Edit.

You can add or edit any info needed by tapping its row. Remember to Save!

From the mobile Roster:

Go to the app Dashboard, then tap the Roster link.

This will list all the shifts scheduled for today's date. Tap an employee's name to open their shift details.

From the shift details screen, tap the options button (3 dots) and you can choose Edit timesheet.

Just follow the same steps as above and remember to Save!

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