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Can employees clock in early for their shifts?
Can employees clock in early for their shifts?

Find out how to allow or prevent early clock ins

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This article was last reviewed August 17, 2023.

As an admin, you can decide how early employees are able to clock into their shifts.

Note that Toast integration customers will be adjusting all time clock settings on their Toastweb accounts. Check here for more details.

Note that allowing employees to clock in for unscheduled shifts will also allow them to work around any early clock-in restrictions you set up using these steps.

It's important to make sure that you have a large enough window for early clock-in if you are permitting unscheduled clock-in as well, as Sling will not recognize that someone is clocking in early for an existing shift if they are attempting to do so outside of the permitted time frame, and this will result in duplicate shifts and timesheets.

If you only want employees clocking in at the exact time their shift is scheduled to start, then you should leave the option for early clock-in disabled, as in the example below:

They'll get an error message if they attempt to clock in before their shift time.

If you’d like employees to be able to clock in for their shifts in advance, specify the grace period in minutes.

They will be allowed to clock in once they meet that threshold.

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