Premium and Business accounts can allow their employees to clock in without a scheduled shift. 

Please note: if they have a shift scheduled and it is at or past the start time of that shift, they will only have the option to clock in for the scheduled shift. If you restrict early clock in and an employee attempts to start their shift before the allowed time frame, they will still be able to clock in for an unscheduled shift.

To set up this feature, follow these few steps:

  1. Go on the web version of Sling 

  2. Go to Settings > Time clock

  3. There, turn on the following setting & Save:

Once the setting is enabled, your employees will be able to clock in without a shift in the app and on the web.

When they clock in without a shift, they will be asked to choose the location and position for their shift.

This means that your employees are only able to create a clock in event for locations and positions assigned to their own profile.

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