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What data syncs?

Employee data

Send employee information - names, positions, locations, wages, created on Toast to Sling, avoid repeating the task of adding new employees and keep the changes up-to-date.


Send timecards created on Toast to Sling, compare the scheduled and actual hours and costs, analyze discrepancies, and export timesheets for processing payroll as if the time tracking was performed on Sling.


Send sales data straight from your Toast POS to Sling, compare projected and actual sales, labor %, and optimize the cost of labor by building better employee schedules that respect the margins you are after.

Create a new Sling account through Toast

  1. First, you will want to be sure you’ve added the Sling app in your Toast integrations marketplace.

2. When you click to add the Sling app, you will be prompted to Confirm, and then redirected to your Configure integrations screen where all of your partner apps are listed for Toast. On this page, if you click directly on the name of the Sling application that you have access to (Sling/Scheduling Pro/Scheduling Lite), you will be redirected to a unique landing page where you can begin creating your new Sling account.

Please note: If you do not click on the application within your Configure integrations page in Toasttab to create a Sling account, then you may not have access to the correct features that are included as part of your Toast subscription.

3. Once you have entered your email address in the unique landing page to get started with Sling, then the next two screens will ask you to enter your business information.

4. Next, you’ll get a group ID, which you will copy. Click Connect and you will be redirected back to Toast so you can apply it under the Sling integration settings.

5. Back in Toast, click on the gear icon next to the Sling integration.

6. Under the Group ID, add the code you copied from Sling and Apply.

7. Congratulations--your two accounts should be connected now! 🎉

**Please note that if your integration is disconnected for any reason, you may need to generate a new Group ID to copy and paste over to your Toast integration settings once more. Essentially, you would need to go through these steps again to ensure that both accounts are connected.

After the integration is established, your employees and timesheets will be imported into Sling. Past the initial import, the data will be automatically synced every 15 minutes. You are also able to sync the data manually whenever the latest updates are required.

Helpful links

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Need help with adding more of your locations to your Sling account for the Toast integration?

Get the Toast+Sling admin manual.

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