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Learn how to get a CSV or XLS file of your shifts which will include shift notes

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Note that shift data is included in the same cell with this export option, so it isn't possible to get start times, end times, locations, positions, etc under separate columns. If you need to export data in this format, you can try exporting timesheets instead.

First, you should set the range and dates you would like to export. The schedule can be exported by day, week, or month (both calendar and horizontal month views). If you subscribe to the Premium or Business versions, you can also export custom ranges (up to 124 days at a time).

You will also want to adjust your filters so that only the information you want to include is exported. For example, you may not want to export unassigned shifts, available shifts, unavailability, or empty rows.

When the schedule appears the way you want it, click the export button near the top right of the page and choose the desired format (CSV or XLS).

You will have the option to choose whether shift notes are included and whether end times are visible. Make your selections and click Export.

The download will start immediately and the file should appear at the bottom of your browser window or in your downloads folder.

When you first view the file, it may appear that some info is missing. This is because the cells are condensed. 

Auto-resizing the columns and rows should make all the info visible.

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