Sling's roster feature gives you an overview of the current date, allowing you to see a quick snapshot of your day. It can help you understand staffing levels and even identify conflicts or gaps.

Premium subscribers can also see their employees' time clock statuses, allowing managers and admins to keep track of who's running late, who's clocked in, and who's already done for the day.

You can sort the list according to employee name, position, or location.

You also have the option to sort the information further using the icons next to each column header. For example, you might want to see your roster sorted by position, but also want to see employees listed according to start time (earlier shifts listed first).

If you need it, you can also export or print your roster for easy sharing.

Right now, the Roster is only available on the website, but we do plan to add it to the mobile apps in the future. 

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