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A daily overview for admins and managers

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This article was last reviewed on June 5, 2024.

Sling's roster feature gives you an overview of the current date, allowing you to see a quick snapshot of your day's scheduled shifts. It can help you understand staffing levels and even identify conflicts or gaps.

From the web

From your Dashboard, select the Roster view from next to your Notifications tab:

Use the forward and backward arrows to look at different dates that you may want to review.

Premium and Business subscribers can also see their employees' time clock statuses, allowing managers and admins to keep track of who's running late, who's clocked in, who's on break, and who's already done for the day.

There are also options to edit timesheets or mark sick call-outs and no-shows right from the roster.

You can sort the list according to employee name, position, or location.

You also have the option to sort the information further using the icons next to each column header. For example, you might want to see your roster sorted by position, but also want to see employees listed according to start time (earlier shifts listed first).

You can also adjust the columns that display depending on what details are the most important for you to be able to check at a glance.

If you need it, you can also export or print your roster for easy sharing.

From the app

From the Dashboard tab, tap the link for today's roster.

This will bring up a list of all shifts scheduled for the current date. Please note it is only possible to select a different date within the Roster using the web version of Sling.

You can recognize shift statuses by their color coding. 

  • Red = running late

  • Green = clocked in

  • Yellow = on break

  • Grey = clocked out, marked as a no-show/sick call-out, or shift scheduled for later

You can also apply filters in the mobile app to focus on certain shifts. Right now, we offer filters for locations, positions, and tags.

To view more details about a shift you see on the roster, tap it.

From the details screen, you can also tap the options button to edit the timesheet, mark the shift as a sick call-out or no-show, or delete the shift from the schedule. 

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