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How do I enable or disable the Time Clock?
How do I enable or disable the Time Clock?

Learn how to use Sling to track hours and customize it for your business needs

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Article last updated November 28, 2023.

Accounts subscribed to the Premium or Business versions can use Sling to track employee hours right from the app. 

Please note that the time clock must be enabled in order for employees to have access to clock in and out. When subscribers upgrade or select the Premium or Business subscription, Sling does not default to enabling the time clock, since some companies with those types of subscriptions do not use the time clock function.

Admins of the account can customize the options for the organization's time clock by going to Dashboard > Settings > Time Clock.  

In the Premium version, you will have access to just the mobile and web time clock. This allows employees to clock in and out right from their own accounts via the website or the mobile app. 

Enabling it will also expand more options such as rounding, an early clock-in option, automatic clock-out, geofencing, and more.

Business subscribers also have access to all these options, with the addition of the Kiosk time clock. The Kiosk allows you to set up a time clock terminal at your location using a dedicated device such as a computer or tablet. 

When it's enabled, you can also check the Time Clock tab to see how many sessions are active, which locations are assigned, and who started the session.

If there are any suspicious sessions, you can "kill" them by clicking the Sign out button next to the session.

Please note that employees who use the time clock must be assigned any Location or Position that they are attempting to clock in for. This applies to the mobile/web time clock as well as the kiosk.

You can disable the time clock for individual employees for whom you do not wish to track hours through the employee's profile.

From the Dashboard, select the Employees button, click the name of the employee, and you'll be taken to their profile details. In the Work tab of their profile, you'll see the option to disable the time clock farther down the page:

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