You can set up a time clock kiosk so your employees can clock in from a designated terminal at their location. 

To set up a Kiosk, follow these steps with the device you want to use:

  1. Go to
  2. There, we will ask for your admin or manager credentials. 
  3. After you have logged into the kiosk session, we will ask you to define the locations attached to this kiosk. 

Only employees assigned to the same location will be able to access this kiosk. 

For example, an employee with a shift in Brooklyn can't clock-in with a Kiosk set for shifts in Manhattan. 

You can select multiple locations for the same kiosk session, however.

Once the location has been selected, you will click Launch and then the following screen will appear. Once you see this blue screen with the PIN pad, you and your employees should be all set. Each user will be able to clock in and clock out by entering their PIN. Click here to learn where your employees can find their PIN.

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