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Multi-location account vs. separate Sling accounts
Multi-location account vs. separate Sling accounts

Should you add all locations under a single Sling account, or create multiple accounts to keep your location details separate?

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Article created on March 17, 2023

Many admins oversee the scheduling details for multiple locations. Likewise, many Toast accounts include employee data across multiple locations as well. When you sign up for a new Sling account, you have the option to add multiple locations under a single account, or you can create separate accounts for the different locations you manage, so that the details for them remain completely separate.

We've compiled a list of factors to take into account so that you can make the decision that is right your organization!

Multiple locations under a single Sling account

When you add more than one location to a single account, you will be able to:

  • Apply filters in the Schedule, Timesheet, or Reports in order to focus on specific locations.

  • Clear filters to view all locations simultaneously to get an overview of the scheduling needs.

  • Compare details for labor cost between all locations within the scheduling views.

  • Allow managers and employees the option of seeing the full schedule across all of your locations.

  • Keep all labor cost details in one place, so that you can refer to the details for all your locations using a single account.

Separate Sling accounts for multiple locations

When you create a separate Sling account for your different locations, this will mean that you can:

  • Establish unique time clock rules for each location,

  • Input labor cost details and settings that match the specifics for individual locations.

  • Differentiate time off rules and requirements for each location individually.

  • Block time off requests for each location according to the restrictions you'd like to apply.

  • Prevent managers from seeing the employees who are assigned to other locations within their main Employees page.

  • Adjust your hours of operation for each location when they differ between them.

  • Set different rules for overtime and PTO for each location.

Keep in mind that if you decide to create different Sling account for your locations, you'll still be able to toggle between them without logging out of the app by following the steps discussed here.

If you still aren't sure which method is appropriate for your company's case, please reach out to Sling Support to discuss in more detail with one of our experts!

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