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Available shift visibility
Available shift visibility

Learn what details make an employee eligible to see an available shift, or why an employee cannot see an available shift

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This article was last updated January 5, 2024.

When you create an available shift, only certain employees who are active on your company's Sling account will receive an alert and be eligible to apply for it.

Each shift that you create requires that you add one location and one position to it. For available shifts to be visible to an employee, they must have a compatible location and position assignment in order to receive a notification or see the shift in the schedule, even if they have permission to view the Full schedule for all locations and positions saved to your organization's account.

This is to help prevent employees from applying to shifts that you are not approved to work and to help keep different roles separate for your organization.

In the example below, the employee is assigned to only one location and one position. But she has contacted the manager because her coworker has access to an available shift that she would like to apply for, but is not seeing anywhere in the schedule.

When you check the details for the shift below, you can see that it is assigned to a position that is not assigned to the employee. So if you would like for her to be eligible to see and apply for the shift, then you would need to add the position to the Work tab of the employee's profile.

If your organization would like for all of your employees to see and apply for any available shift that is published to the schedule, then you can use the "Add all" option in an employee's profile to add all the locations and positions for your account to them.

You can also add employees in bulk to a position or location from the Employees page.

Select the employees you would like to change location or position assignment for, or use the select all box to select all employees in your list:

When you select the employees using the checkbox on the left side, you'll see the options for bulk changes appear above the employee list as in the example above. You can add all selected employees to a position or location this way to save some time!

Important note about notifications: Managers, admins, and employees will not be able to receive alerts for or apply to available shifts that contain a location or position that is not saved to their profile under the work tab.

Employees will be able to view available shifts under the Available tab and Full Schedule tab on the mobile app as well as on the Available Shifts tab and Full Schedule on the web version. Please note that employees will only be able to view available shifts on the Full Schedule if they have access to view it.

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