This article was last reviewed on 2/11/2022.

To see available shifts, you must be assigned to the same position and location that are saved to a scheduled shift. 

You can check your profile to see your assigned locations and positions. If anything is missing, please ask a manager or admin to update your details. It is not possible to add locations and positions to your own employee profile.

If you know you share the same position and location, check your app schedule filters.

Go to the Shifts tab, make sure you're viewing the available tab, and tap the Filter icon at the top left.

In the filters window, make sure the available shifts option is selected. Tap apply filters to save any changes.

This should ensure that available shifts matching your profile details are visible to you.

Some companies have many employees, and available shifts are assigned quickly once they are published to the schedule. If you are having any difficulty getting shift assignments, contact your manager to make sure that you are assigned all of the appropriate locations and positions for work you want to be able to apply for.

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