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How do employees receive their schedules?
How do employees receive their schedules?

Learn how to share schedules with employees

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This article was last reviewed on June 5, 2024.

Inviting your employees to join your company account allows them to set up their own individual login. This means they are able to access their own personal profile, where they can view the schedule and interact with the team. 

An employee's view of Sling, including the Schedule page, is different from an Admin's or Manager's view, which includes more details. Below is an example of what an employee would see from their Dashboard screen:

Once you have published your shifts, employees receive notifications of their new schedule and can log in to check their info. This means you don’t have to email it, post it, or do any extra work to make sure your employees have their schedules!  

It's also good to note that employees cannot see any labor cost details in the Schedule. If they have permission to see their own Wage details, then they will be able to see this through their Profile tabs.

Remember, employees will want to enable push or email for Dashboard notifications to stay up-to-date on scheduling alerts. Notifications are specific to each user who has joined the Sling account and must be adjusted according to each person's preferences.

To help them stay informed on the go, make sure they download the app, too!

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