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Shift acceptance

Adjust schedule settings to request confirmation of shift assignment

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Shift acceptance is a feature available with our Business subscription and it provides an automatic function to ensure that your employees have seen their new shifts and will be there to work them. No more manual messages or worrying that they haven't seen the new schedule.

The feature sends an automatic notification any time you publish shifts, and asks the employee to respond, which then notifies management as to whether the shifts have been accepted or not. Note that users in the "manager" or "admin" roles will also get shift acceptance notifications.

From the web

Go to your schedule settings page, and enable the shift acceptance option.

The next time you create and publish shifts, you'll notice a small white area at the top right corner of the shifts with a [?] inside.

The shift details will also let you know the shift is waiting for a response from the employee.

On the employee's side, they will get a notification for their new shift. They have the ability to accept right from the main view of the dashboard.

Or they can click the notification to see the full shift details, which will also present them with an option to deny the shift.

Note that recurring shifts are presented in a different way with shift acceptance.

If the employee chooses to accept or deny here, all shifts in the recurrence will be affected.

If they would like to respond to shifts individually, they can go to the schedule page and click on one shift at a time to send their responses. This means they can accept some and/or deny others.

When they accept a shift, it changes to a confirmed status, and the [?] in the top corner disappears.

When they deny a shift, the employee has a chance to send a note to their managers to explain why they're denying it.

If an employee denies a shift, it will remain assigned to them, but they will see the status at the top corner change to [!]. They also see a popup that lets them know the shift is still theirs until further notice.

Back on the admin/manager side, they will see updates regarding any denials on the Dashboard. Note that accepted shifts simply become finalized, and the [?] is removed from the shift.

Denied shifts will have a notification with the employee's comment.

On the schedule, a denied shift will also show the [!] status icon for managers and admins.

Managers can then go to the schedule and decide what to do with the shift (such as reassign, offer, make available, minor adjustments, etc).

  • If the shift is edited, the employee will get a new notification of the updated version of the shift. They can once again accept or deny this updated version.

  • If the shift is made available or offered, the shift will remain assigned to the employee and also show the [!] status icon, until someone else picks it up.

It's also important to note that an employee's response to a new shift cannot be changed once submitted.

  • If an employee denies a shift, then decides they can work it, a manager or admin will have to edit and republish the shift so they can accept it.

  • If an employee accepts a shift, then decides they can't work it, they will have to make it available or offer it, meaning it's still their responsibility until it's taken by someone else.


From the app

On the shifts tab

If you want to approve all your shifts for the week quickly, tap the options button (3 dots) at the top right corner and then tap "Accept all shifts."

If you want to accept or deny shifts individually, tap on a single shift, then tap the options button from the shift details view. You will prompted with the option to deny or accept this specific shift.

If you deny it, you will be asked to provide a reason (this can't be skipped).

On the Dashboard

Every time you receive a notification about new shifts or changes to your shifts, you will have the ability to accept or deny them from your dashboard.

If the notification is for a single shift you can swipe left on it to accept it quickly. If you want the option to deny the shift, tap the notification, then use the options button (3 dots) to accept or deny it.

When the notification mentions multiple shifts, you will have several ways to accept or deny the shifts.
After tapping on the notification, you will see a summary of each shift.

  • You can confirm everything by tapping on the options button and then Accept all shifts.

  • You can swipe left on the summary of a shift to accept or deny it.

  • You can tap on the summary to reach the detailed view and then use the options button to accept or deny.

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