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I'm all set up, what now?
I'm all set up, what now?

Some next steps once your account is set up

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This article was last reviewed April 24, 2024.

Now that you've added employees, locations, and positions and you have your account set up the way you'd like, there are a few more things you should check out.

Use these links to learn more about using Sling and getting the most out of our features.

Adjusting my preferences
Your preferences control how Sling looks for you. These settings don't affect any other users, but it's a good idea to make sure you won't get any unwanted notifications and the time format is the way you like it.

All things scheduling
Check out this collection for step-by-step guides on creating and editing shifts and all the scheduling tools available to you. 

Unavailability and Time off
Learn more about these availability options and how each role can use or apply them.

Using the time clock
Learn how to track your employees' hours right in Sling and review or edit their information, as needed.

Labor costs
See how you can keep track of estimated and actual labor spending so you can budget better.

Check out the different types of reports that are available with your Business subscription and the information provided in each one.

Communicating with your team
These are support articles related to Messages, Newsfeed, Announcements, and Tasks. Learn how you can set up these features to meet your company's needs

More on Profiles
A few more helpful details on managing profiles.

How shift exchanges work
Learn about the options your employees can use to give away or trade shifts.

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