Individual PTO caps

Assign different caps for employees once you've enabled time off categories for your account

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If your employees are allowed different amounts of PTO per year, you have the option to set their individual caps within each of their profiles. 

First, you will need to set up PTO caps in your company's time off settings, so the allowed types are available in each profile. 

Once the account's time off settings are enabled, you will see a time off tab in your employees' profiles. Click their name anywhere in Sling, and then select the Time off tab, illustrated below:

There, you will be able to set an individual allowance for each leave type. By default, we will populate the caps designated in your main time off settings. If an employee is not entitled to any PTO for all or some categories, it is possible to set a 0 (zero) cap as in the example above. 

Note that there is also a link within the profile's time off tab in case you need to edit the main time off settings for the account.

Click Save and these new totals will appear for the employee when time off is requested or added by management.

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