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Shift templates

Learn how to set your commonly used shift times for certain locations and positions so they can be added to the schedule with a few clicks

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This article was last reviewed on May 20, 2024.

Creating a new shift template:

Building a schedule can be a tedious task. Instead of creating the same shifts, again and again, create and use shift templates. 

To create your shift templates, click the Options menu at the top right corner of your schedule, then click View shift templates. This will open a panel on the right side of the schedule page. From there, you will be able to see existing templates and create new ones.

Click Create shift template and fill in the details in the window that pops up to create your template.

Applying shift templates:

There are three ways to use the shift templates you have created. 

  1. Choose one as you are creating a new shift

  2. Drag templates from the panel on the right and drop them into the schedule

  3. Enable the copy/paste function and add the template to multiple employees and dates

From the new shift modal: 

When you click the Create shift button or a blank spot on the schedule, you will see multiple tabs to select the shift format. Click the Template tab and you can choose any of your existing shift templates to populate the details of the shift. You will also have an opportunity to adjust any details (including adding a recurrence - which is not possible when dragging and dropping or copying/pasting a template).

From the shift template panel: 

Copy & Paste

From the shift template panel, you can select a template by clicking on the Copy icon and then paste it as many times as you want on the schedule. Pasted shifts are unpublished so you can edit them before publishing your schedule. As mentioned above, you will not have the option to add a recurrence with this method. To exit this mode you can go back to the template panel or press "ESC" on your keyboard.

Drag & drop

You can also drag and drop your templates to the schedule. Once dropped on the schedule, it will create an unpublished shift that you can adjust before publishing. As mentioned above, this option will not provide you with the opportunity to add a recurrence. 

If you want to save an entire week's worth of shifts, then you have the option of creating a Schedule Template with Sling's Business subscription.

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