This article was last reviewed on April 13, 2022.

Admins and managers have the option to hide positions from their own view of the schedule. Adjusting this setting will not affect others' view of the schedule. This is helpful when you have managers for different departments who may not need to see or schedule certain positions. It is also helpful if you no longer use a position, but want to retain information for any past shifts assigned to that position.

To remove a position from your view, go to Dashboard > Positions, and click the position name in the list.

On the next screen, click the Settings tab.

Switch the toggle by Hide from your schedule to Yes, then click Save.

The hidden position will show up in your list with this icon to indicate that it's hidden from your view.

It will remain hidden when you visit the schedule page until you elect to have it show again following the same steps above.

Please note that you will not be able to see any shifts that are assigned the positions that you hide from view. Position details will also be hidden in other pages as well, including Reports and Timesheets.

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